About us



We will adhere to labor safety and hygiene laws and regulations, promoting transparency and collaborative decision-making. Our aim is to continuously enhance our management system without imposing undue pressure and implement risk-based planning and safe technology, striving to ensure the safety and quality of our production processes.

Safe workplace

Inspections, aimed at ensuring and enhancing workplace safety, as well as the safety of machinery and equipment, will be maintained at all levels. Moreover, our employees will receive ongoing training to ensure their proficiency in safe operations.

Healthy employees

By mitigating the impact of hazardous and harmful production factors, we will prevent employees from being exposed to chemical, physical, psychological, and biological risks that could result in temporary or permanent loss of work capacity. Our primary focus is to safeguard the well-being of our employees in every possible way and ensure their overall health and safety


At all levels of management within the company, we will take responsibility for occupational safety and health. We will prioritize leadership and active participation, ensuring that all employees have equal opportunities to participate fully in safety initiatives.

Quality policy

The laboratory performs physico-mechanical and chemical analyses, as well as other tests on fuel, raw materials used in the production of finished products and finished products such as cement and lime. Additionally, the laboratory ensures 24-hour control throughout the production process, and finished products. The laboratory is staffed with professionals who consistently adhere to accredited, MNS ISO/IEC 17025 standard in their operations. The laboratory's engineers and technicians have received thorough training in MNS ISO/IEC 17025:2007 and 2018. Since 2007, we have been conducting testing and analysis activities using fully equipped ISO-standard equipment.